Jinming Mods Motor
The core of power source and the heart of blaster, we have wide ranges of Motors on offer to enable your blaster keep running longer and stronger in the fields.

Jinming Mods Motor

11.1v 460 Motor 37000RPM For Jinming Gen8 J8 M4A1
Specification: Magnetic material: sintered ndfeb, strong magnet Output shaft: match with metal bevel gear Voltage speed: 7.4V 25000rpm...
11.1v 460 Motor 31000rpm for Jinming JM Gen9 M4 J9 J10
11.1v UPGRADE Metal 460 Motor 31000rpm for JM Gen9 M4 J9 j10 Gel Blaster   Brand:CHIHAI Compatible for: Jinming...
Upgrade 11.1v Motor 34000 RPM 460 Long Shaft motor High Speed JM Gen 9 M4A1 J10 ACR Gel Blaster toy brisbane stock
Description:                                  ...
$100.00 $49.95