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IDA Affiliate marketing, How it works?

Whether you're a tactical activist, regular player, blaster assembler, blogger, digital marketor or a bargain hunter for your tactical gear(s), you can become an IDA affiliate - we have lots of affiliate success stories to share. Here's how it works.

Search for the products that you are interested

Once product found, you may purchase one at your desire to check out the quanlity and delivery, or simply go onto share the product page by the share buttons through to friends and play mates, fans with your coupon code, across variousSocial Media Platform .

Sign up our affiliate programe at the 'sign up' button below, obtain and populate your dedicated affiliate link

Add our designated affiliate link to your website, blog, social media acounts, Our Easily trackable links will inform the click through rate to your affiliate link and sales generated to your affiliate account.

Visitor follows link and apply your given coupon for discounted purchase

Encourage your visitors to click through to IDA via your links. Any visits from your site will be tracked back to you and recorded within your IDA Affiliate dashboards. Completed transactions and purchases through your affiliate link will instantly reflect.

Get rewarded while helping others to snatch up a bargain at IDA

IDA pays commission for approved sales referred from your affiliate link and coupon code. These will also be recorded on your IDA affiliate dashboards (within seconds once the transactions completed, with details like order value and the value of commission you've earned.

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